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'On The Day' Wedding Service

We have the plans, we'd like to hand them over to you!

Package Includes

This level of service is ideally suited to those who have all their plans pretty much in place, but want a professional to sculpt them into a smooth day. Typically, we will work with the bride & groom approximately 6 weeks before their wedding day to look over the current plans and identify any potential ruffles in the plans that may need smoothing out and where required offer workable solutions. This level of plan includes: *Last minute design inspiration if and where needed *Review critical areas such as seating plans, delivery timetables, catering, etc *Source of outstanding services to complete the vision for the day *Liaise with venues and all suppliers *Decide timetable of the day *Full discreet service of PTC professional hosts on the day for smooth transition of the day's events. And much more..... Final fees are dependent on your wedding's complexity and location, but start from just £835.00 plus VAT


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